All meditations are 11-18 minutes long. All meditations begin with instructions. Some have instructions that are a bit longer than others. All meditations are guided.

If you have never meditated before, it might at first be difficult for you to sit still. All you may be able to think is: “When will this be over!” It might also be a bit awkward at first to be quiet in the presence of your partner.

But on Days 3 or 4 (or sooner!), you will begin to enjoy the calm. As you meditate, let go of the constant flow of words and thoughts that are on your mind. You have nowhere else to be right now BUT HERE.


Some meditations guide you to sit on a chair. But you can meditate in ANY POSITION that is comfortable for you and your partner. Let your body relax. You also do not have to connect your thumb and your index finger (as you see it in virtually all pictures below).


As you proceed through the meditations, experiment with your partner on trying different meditation positions. We suggest different kinds of partner meditations below.

Minfulness Booklet.Pics.pdf

We encourage you to hold hands on those days you engage in the Loving Kindness Meditations. But again, we leave it up to you what you feel most comfortable doing.

The most important thing is that you commit to these meditation exercises for two weeks and enjoy your time together


Access your daily meditations by clicking on the link that's associated with each day.

Day 1 is a basic mindfulness meditation by Diana Winston (UCLA Mindfulness Research Center).

Day 2 is a breathing meditation by Diana Winston (UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center).

Day 3 is a meditation on presence by Tara Brach.

Day 4 is Winston's breathing meditation from Day 2.

Day 5 is a loving kindness meditation by Tara Brach.

Day 6 is a noting meditation by Kristin Neff (University of Texas, Austin).

Day 7 is a loving kindness meditation by Barbara Fredrickson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Day 8 is a different loving kindness meditation by Tara Brach.

Day 9 is Neff's noting practice from DAY 6. Please click on DAY 6 to access the meditation again.

Day 10 is a loving kindness meditation by Diana Winston.

Day 11 is a loving kindness meditation by Kristin Neff.

Day 12 is an affectionate breathing meditation by Kristin Neff.

Day 13 is another version of a self-compassion meditation by Kristin Neff.

Day 14 rounds of your two weeks with Diana Winston's basic mindfulness meditation from Day 1.

Please send Susanne an email ( if you have any problems accessing ANY of these meditations.