UMN Supporting Friends Study


The study is conducted by Luke Youngvorst, a Ph.D. candidate and Prof. Susanne Jones, Dept. of Communication Studies, University of Minnesota, and is approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of Minnesota (IRB1611P98821).

What's the study about?
The purpose of this study is to find out how friends communicate with each other, and how technology influence their communication. This study explores: 1) how friends engage with one another, and 2) how technology shapes communication between friends.

Do you and your friend qualify?

This is an in-person study that requires you to bring a platonic, non-romantic friend with you. To qualify, you and your friend must:

  1. Be platonic, non-romantic friends (you cannot be, or have ever been, involved in a romantic relationship). 
  2. have been friends FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS?
  3. be between 18 and 64 years old?
  4. both have AND bring a fully charged cell phone with you to the study. 


What will you and your friend do?

Both you and your friend will attend one lab session that lasts 2 hours. 

When are sessions held?

See the Google Calendar below for the exact time of lab sessions for which you can sign up to participate in this study. The deadline to participate is September 30th, 2017.

How to sign up?
  1. Select a "Lab Session" that works for both you and your friend from the Google calendar below. If any lab session says "LUKE" it is still free and is available for you. 
  2. If a session is marked "BOOKED", it is already filled. Please choose a date that is not already marked booked. 
  3. Lab sessions will not be scheduled more than one month out, so please make sure that your desired lab session date is within one month of when it is being scheduled.
  4. Email the desired date for your lab session, along with the name and email address for you and the friend who you will be bringing with you to the lab session, to Luke at
  5. In the email, please be sure to indicate who is participating to receive extra credit or Psychology REP points (you, your friend, or both).
  6. If you are participating to receive extra credit for a Communication Studies class, put "Supporting Friends Study - COMM Extra Credit" in the subject line. If you are receiving Psych REP points for your participation, put "Supporting Friends Study - REP points" in the subject line.
  7. Luke will confirm your sessions within 24 hours. NOTE - your session is not booked until you have received a confirmation email.
Additional Information!

- Some of the lab session for this study occur outside of normal UMN working hours.
- For Psych REP Participants Only: This study qualifies for early bird points if you participate before March 10th, 2017.
- When you show up to participate, you both must have AND bring a FULLY CHARGED cell phone. You will need this to participate. 

What happens if you need to cancel?

Once you have scheduled your lab session, it is YOURS and YOURS alone!  So, if you do not show up, we are not able to sign up other participants in your place. Therefore, we ask that you please, please MAKE SURE that the times you select work for you and your friend. If you cannot attend your session with your friend, please call Luke at 320-232-3475, so the research assistant won't wait for you. Please do not be a no-show! 

Where do you and your partner have to go?

You and your friend will come to the Communication Labs in Ford Hall B50.  BE SURE you both bring a fully charged cell phone with you to the study - you will NEED this to participate. There are plenty of public transportation options available to travel to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. If you decide to drive, I recommend parking in the Washington Ramp next to the Commons Hotel. Here is a link to the map showing both Ford Hall and the Washington Ramp! Also, here are directions to the study location from the Washington parking ramp and the UMN east bank light rail station.

Comm. Labs ‎‎‎(Ford B 40 & B 50)‎‎‎