Undergraduate Resources for Instructors & Students


Communication Studies Student Learning Outcomes (CS-SLOs): The Department of Communication Studies has its own SLOs. Instructors should include these three items into the syllabus:
  • Select  and list 1-3 CS-SLOs.
  • State why/how that CS-SLO meets the course objective.
  • State what assignments/learning measures will be used to assess that CS-SLO.
Disability Resource Center (DRC), Student Conflict Resolution, etc.: The Disability Resource Center boasts a lot of useful information as well as link sot other undergraduate student resources. Here is a DRC link to instructor resources (e.g., what to include in the syllabus, what are reasonable accommodations).


If you have a question about advising, please make an appointment with our communication studies advisors here.
Career Services: Want to work on your resume or cover letter? Visit UMNs Career Services.
Research Practica (COMM 3990): Interested in getting involved in research and being a research assistant for a semester? Check out our Research Practicum (COMM 3990).
CLA Career Readiness Competencies: You can download the CLA Career Competencies booklet here.