Human Interaction Labs

Ford Hall Basement B40, B50, B51

We operate three labs. All labs are located in Ford Hall. Two labs are equipped for human interaction research. One of these interaction labs is furnished like a living room to allow people to comfortably interact with one another. Of course, the living room is also furnished with cameras that allow us to record interactions! The second interaction lab is furnished for small groups of people (e.g., families, focus groups). The third lab contains several computers so that people can interact online or complete surveys online.

We have used theses labs for all sorts of research projects. For instance, we invited four friends to our labs: two friends had a supportive conversation in the living room lab, while the two other friends evaluated the conversation in the adjacent small groups lab. We wanted to test whether evaluations of support varied as a function of who is doing the evaluating. The data are described in Bodie et al. (2014). We have also invited folks into the lab for our meditation and supportive communication studies (see Jones et al., 2016)! We also just finished collecting data from 180 couples on social support and communication competence.

If you are interested in gaining research experience and being a research assistant in the communication labs, please visit this link for further information on how to become an RA in exchange for course credit. You can also contact me at